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I stumbled in to the Operating theatre as an NA having worked in sterile services while trying to gain work experience for what was to be unsuccessful applications to medicine. 

However in my two years as an NA I learned about the ODP role and decided to pursue it as a career. Attending Cardiff University (where I worked my socks off) I won the academic prize achieving the highest grade they had seen on their DipHe course an achievement that is my proudest in academia to date. I am a firm believer that ODPs can and should know as much with regards to anatomy and physiology as they can to ensure expertise when assisting their medical colleagues.

Since qualifying I have worked in anaesthetics and recovery at Bristol Children’s Hospital where education and technology has been a keen interest of mine. I have been involved in teaching and running simulations in my department and across the trust. I have also been involved in paediatric ODP courses and simulation at the APA conference. I am currently looking into virtual reality recording and video review of simulations to improve practice. 

Currently as you may have heard on an episode I am studying part time for an MSc in Managing Care in Perioperative and Anaesthetic Practice back at Cardiff University.

In my spare time I also enjoy all aspects of American Football, including coaching the Bath Spa University team and having bought a house only a year ago gardening and a bit of diy crafting.

The podcast links to my love of technology to educate, through it we have been able to give our colleagues a platform to share their learning and experiences and hopefully it’s useful to our listeners. I have also enjoyed forging relationships with some fantastic practitioners and organisations including the AfPP. 

In the future I hope our platform can give a voice to the majority of the 13000 ODPs that are registered and that we can hold our respective professional bodies to account



I started my life in the operating department theatre in 1998, working as a NA within the vascular theatres of Derriford hospital.  Three years I spent supporting the best team in the world,but it took just a moment for my line manager to take me aside and tell me I needed consider thinking about my future,  she told me I  had the ability to be so much more! I needed that push to apply to become a ODP, and never looked back.

Once qualifying I decided to pursue a interest in anaesthetics and recovery, with a side interest of pre hospital care due to my hobby as a volunteer within St John Ambulance.

After a year, I moved to Bristol, to start a life with my future wife. I worked at Southmead hospital for around 3 years, working mainly in main and orthopaedic theatres. However it was a time for change! Time for a challenge!

During my training, one particular area of interest was paediatrics, so I decided to pursue a post at the Bristol Childrens Hospital. Successfully appointed, I started to develop my skills and qualifications in paediatrics, with a eventual promotion becoming the Recovery Clinical Lead.

I’m now the paediatric resuscitation and education facilitator for UHBristol, supporting paediatric care around the trust. I still keep my hand in by doing bank shifts, and using my ODP skills in ED and ward emergency care.

This Podcast has been a fantastic way of promoting the amazing work of operating department practice, and working with Craig, we wanted it to become a national resource for the whole community to enjoy.

Other than my professional life, I keep myself active outside of work. I have a small family, including three children and a fantastic wife Charlie (who is a surgical services manager). Volunteering for charitable organisations, Being a Christian, and DJing keeps me busy!!

Craig and Justin presenting at conference